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November 29, 2010
This month:
a Focus on Cyber Monday Safety

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How to Avoid Cyber Monday Webmaster Traps
The 12 Scams of Christmas
Get Free Stuff Online
What You Learn from Dog Poopbags Can Grow Your Business
Fake News Can Mean Real Profits
Make Sure Your Gifts Do What You Want
Can You Handle 1500 New Sales in 24 Hours?
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How to Avoid Cyber Monday Webmaster Traps
Today is Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving when America sits in front of its computer and shops online for Christmas deals. This focus on electronic commerce has caught the attention of fraudsters, too, and they're out in force trying to separate you from your wallet.

Owners of web sites have to be cautious because the come-on artists will be going after your web site at the same time as they go after others' personal money. Don't fall for the get-rich-quick scams.

Make Your Fortune on the Internet Today! 

Shop at Amazon.comYou can make money on the Internet, but without a hot product or marketing idea, you're going to earn only a modest amount of change.  Legitimate affiliate programs exist, but unless you have a hugely popular site, you are not going to get rich when you feature someone else's products.


I am an affiliate of and a handful of other services that I use myself.  If you click on the link above and then buy something while you're at, I'll earn a very small commission. So, if you're going to Amazon, please do use the link.

However, I am not counting on getting rich from affiliate money.  Affiliate links belong on your site only if they make your web pages more valuable to your visitors, and signing up to be an affiliate of the wrong program can be dangerous.

The 12 Scams of Christmas... from a Web Surfer's Perspective
Online theft!iPad offer schemes lead this year's top 12 online Christmas scams, according to McAfee Labs.  Their annual survey of cyber evils has been released, the list shows how crooks are ready for you!

Robbery scams, recession scams, charity scams, and 8 other best-loved-by-thieves tricks are out there trying to steal your money.

Get Free Stuff Online
Free stuff online from the AARPOf course, not everything online is out to get you!  In fact, there are some legitimate free things available to smart surfers.

Want Free Money, Birthday Freebies, Free Software, Free Audio Books, Free Kiddie Meals, Free Samples, Free Foreign Language instruction, or Free Lodging for Travelers?

All of these are available on the Internet! For real.

What You Learn from Dog Poopbags Can Grow Your Business
How Changed our Behavior When I shop online, I research the exact item I want to buy, and then I Google for the lowest price.

I would have told you that I do that for phone batteries, spare food processor parts, dog toys... well, for everything.

But, then I sat down and typed in to buy dog disposal bags. Ooops!

Find out how that site broke our price shopping habit... and use their technique in your business.

Fake News Can Mean Real Profits
SF Gate's Local Business DirectoryThe publishers of the popular online news site have developed a way to let your bricks-and-mortar business leverage SF Gate's Google popularity to rise in the search engine result pages.

The publishers get ad revenue from you, and you have the opportunity to get a lot more attention online.

Make Sure Your Gifts Do What You Want
Charity Navigator's Report on a "Good" Charity I encourage charitable giving.

But, many charities deliver only a small fraction of their income to the stated beneficiaries... the rest goes to fund-raising or administrative salaries.  Money given to these organizations are basically "gifts" to the well-off founders.

So, make sure the people you're giving to really spend the money doing good. Check them out on Charity Navigator, an independent non-profit that evaluates other charities.

I used Charity Navigator to reassure myself that one of my favorite groups, The San Francisco Food Bank, is using its money well.  They are. According to Charity Navigator the Food Bank is using 97.1% of its money for program expenses.

Can You Handle 1500 New Sales in 24 Hours?
Groupon for Your Business Our neighborhood San Francisco restaurant -- the one we walk to and know the staff by name -- just sold 1500 dinners in 24 hours.  They did it online without spending $1 for advertising.

They were featured on Groupon. 

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Galen Workman, owner
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