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December 20, 2010

We wish you days filled with family, friends, and good cheer! 

Happy Holidays!

The Common Sense Internet Gazette highlights tools for your website and Internet developments that affect your organization's online life.

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The Best Gift of 2010 Guaranteed.
Helping You Do It Yourself
8 Ways to Get on the Top of Google
Yet Another Way Flash Hurts
Top 15 Blogging Best Practices
Legal Advice for Stupid Criminals
You're Infringing on My Copyright!
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The Best Gift of 2010. Guaranteed.

Donate to the Food BankWhen I help serve breakfast to men sleeping at the homeless shelter, the breakfast food - like the dinner ingredients - comes from the San Francisco Food Bank.

When 90 children from poor Tenderloin and Western Addition families get afternoon snacks while attending the free Up On Top after-school program, the food comes from the San Francisco Food Bank. I'm a volunteer for Up On Top, and I appreciate being able to feed hungry kids.

When friends distribute groceries to neighborhood families at the Interfaith Food Pantry, the food comes from the San Francisco Food Bank.

The Food Bank provides badly needed support to a lot of local people. It's well run.  It uses money for the right purposes.

At this holiday time, I give money to the Food Bank. Will you please join me in helping hungry people get food?

You've shopped.  Now it's time to give.

Donate Now!  Please.

- Galen
Helping You Do It Yourself
San Francisco Architect Andrew Morrall had a specific idea of what he wanted his site to look like. He had the HTML authorizing software, technical skills, and time to create the pages he wanted, too.

Andy asked us to help him with search engine techniques so that he'd be more visible on the results pages.  We're happy to provide ad hoc consulting services, and have checked in with Andy on and off as his site has come together.

Version 2.0 of Andy's site is up, and it looks great! (Check it out)
Architect Andrew Morrall in San Francisco

We helped Andy by suggesting page titles, ALT-tags for images, page descriptions, and other search-engine friendly actions.

If you or someone you know is a  Do-It-Yourself'er who wants coaching on search engines, social media, or another aspect of Internet Marketing, contact Ozdachs.  We're happy to point people in the right direction.
8 Ways to Get on the Top of Google
More Ways to Get on Top in Google
Just a couple years ago, there were only two ways to be seen on Google and other search engines:  paying for an ad and tuning your site to show up in the listing of web pages.

But, Google -- and its competitors -- haven't rested.  They have added results from maps, photos, videos, and more to their search results.  If you want to get visitors from search engines in 2011, you have play in all of those areas.

Discover the New Ways to Get on Top at Google »
Yet Another Way Flash Hurts Your Site's Visibility
Clients know that we don't recommend or often use Flash in web sites that we create. 

Our long-standing concerns are that:
  1. Flash content is more difficult to create than standard web
    Google Preview Display of Flash Content
    Here's a Hint
    pages. This slows development and increases costs.
  2. Search engines don't understand Flash very well.  This means Flash pages usually don't rank highly in Google results.
  3. Many devices and locations don't display Flash content.  For example, early iPhones and many businesses block Flash content.
This month we discovered another Flash draw back.  Google's new preview feature doesn't show Flash content.

See How Your Flash Page Will Look on Google Preview »
Top 15 Blogging Best Practices
If you're going to blog, do it right!

Make sure that blogging gets you enough attention to be worth your time, and make sure your posts reflect well on you.

We've shared advice in the past about how to start a blog (see: "So You Think You Need a Business Blog") and some basics on writing (see: "They're Just Not That Into You").

If you're still dithering on how to jump in, Laura-Lee Walker gives you a concise check list to get you going.  Be judicious with Tip #10, though, if you're blogging for your business.

Get All 15 Tips and Make Your Own Decision »

Legal Advice for Stupid Criminals
San Francisco Defense Attorney's Blog Here's a shout-out to San Francisco defense attorney (and Ozdachs client) Tim Pori for his blog, Legal Advice for Stupid Criminals

With article titles like "Corpus Delicti" Does Not Mean Dead Body" and "Mr. Manners' Guide To Proper Jail-House Etiquette", Tim gets me coming back for more.

The blog offers a fun, informative look at criminal defense.  Tim is provocative, human, and writes in a way that would make me pick him to defend me in court.

Read Truly Interesting Legal Advice »

You're Infringing on My Copyright!
Courtroom GavelOur clients regularly send us domain name registration renewal, link requests, SEO offers, and other unsolicited commercial email that ranges from simple spam to misleading slime.

The Internet's rumor controller,, warns of a new twist.  A phishing attempt that masquerades as a legal complaint that your web site is violating someone else's copyright.

We believe in copyrights, and we create or pay for the graphics and text we use on the Internet. So, we would research and respond to any claim that one of our sites were using another's creative material.

It turns out, that's what these crooks expect.  They want you to click on their email and tell them your secrets...

Know the Truth Before You Respond to the "Law Suit" Email »

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Galen Workman, owner
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