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April 20, 2011

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Search Engine Optimization: It's All About Everything
Spring Spruce-Up for Your Web Site
Separate Truth from Lies in Consumer Reviews
Where Should You Store Your Will?
Leave Daddy
Borrowing -- not Building -- Functionality
Don't Share Your Email Address with Spammers
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Search Engine Optimization: It's All About Everything
Galen talking about Search Engine Optimization In recent newsletters we have had stories about Google's integration of map, news, video, web pages and, well, everything on its search results pages.

Recently I talked to San Francisco's Fog City BNI chapter about Google's omnivorous attitude.  Here's a video of my remarks, giving the BNI business people tips on Do It Yourself Search Engine Optimization.
Spring Spruce-Up for Your Web Site
Seattle Home Staging professional Patty Bonnell's four-year-old web site didn't feel as fresh as it did when it went live in 2007.  The site still earned Patty business, but she didn't feel it reflected her current style and work.
Creative Touches from Set the Stage
Patty wanted larger photographs of her stagings in the photo galleries and she wanted a way to update the pictures herself.

We showed Patty some solutions, and she picked the format that best shows off her work.  We created separate galleries for the different types of work she does, each featuring a specialty such as living rooms, dining rooms, small spaces, owner-occupied rooms, etc.

She can now add, delete, reorder, and change the descriptions of work at her leisure! See her "Creative Touches".

Tabs Open to Deliver More InformationPatty also wanted changes to the way some of the pages looked. 

In particular, she mentioned that she wanted the archive of past newsletters to show only the current year.  But, she wanted people to be able to click and have a panel open up so that they could see past years, one year at a time.

The graphic at right shows how Patty's news archive page looks now!  Try opening the tabs and see past editions of Home Staging News.

Of course, if you think any of the features Patty used would look good on your web site, let us know!
Separate Truth from Lies in Consumer Reviews
How to Spot Fake Reviews When you search the Internet for a store or service, you want the online reviews you find to truly represent the experiences of real customers.

When you're a business owner, you want the online comments about your business to come from clients and not malicious competitors.

Here are 15 ways to spot fakes and recognize the real »

Where Should You Store Your Will?
Marin Estate Planning Attorney Julia Wald Talks about Storing Wills, Trusts, and other DocumentsSo, you're on top of planning for the distribution of your assets.

You've drawn up a will and appropriate trusts. You've filled out a healthcare directive for doctors to follow in case you cannot tell them yourself.

Where do you keep these documents so that they can be found when they're needed?

Find out in this video we shot and edited for Ozdachs client Marin Estate Planning Attorney Julia Wald.

Where you should keep your estate documents » 

Leave Daddy
Sexy Woman I understand that sex sells.  I know that we should use photographs of sexy women, babies, and puppies to grab readers' attention for our web sites and newsletters.

But, Go not only sells using sex appeal, its CEO recently has courted media attention by killing elephants in Africa.  He's using his self-generated controversy to gain more attention for his business. This behavior violates my sense of right and wrong.

From a practical point of view, it costs my clients their money for my time when they pick Go Daddy.  It just takes longer to work with Go Daddy sites because of the flaws in that service's user interfaces.

I never choose Go Daddy for hosting or domain name registration services.  I recommend that clients who came to me using Go Daddy go elsewhere.

More on why you should leave Go Daddy » 

Borrowing -- not Building -- Functionality
Stream Your MP3 file from your web site I am a fan of using third-party tools and pre-developed solutions instead of developing new features for clients.

  • You don't want to be dependent on me for all your future web work.  I may win the lottery.  Then what? 
  • You don't want to pay for one-off development.
Just this week I found and used a free script from Yahoo! that allows people to click a button to hear a streamed sermon by Rev. Mary Moore, a minister for whom I am just finishing a web site.

If you have audio clips you want to share on your web site, check out this solution » 

(Look for the arrow icon by the "Listen to the sermon " link.)


Don't Share Your Email Address with Spammers
Contact form for the Rev. Mary Moore web site I get hundreds of spam messages a day.  Literally hundreds.

My personal email address has been out on the Internet for over 10 years, and spammers have recorded it and resold it so much that I would have to kill the address to stop receiving spam. As an alternative, I use the paid SpamArrest service to screen incoming messages.

If I was starting a site now, I would do two things differently.  Here's what you can do:
  1. Use a form with a CAPTCHA (those funny letters you have to type in) to receive messages.  Don't publish your email address.  Or,
  2. Publish an alias email address, like [email protected], on the web site.  Forward this email alias to your real email address.  Then, every few months when the spam gets bad, delete the alias account, start a new one (say [email protected]), and forward the new one to your real email address. You'll start off fresh with no spam.

See a contact page that does both » 

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Galen Workman, owner
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