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June 29, 2011

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Feature the Customers You Want to Have
The End of the .com Era
DIY Web Design by a Professional Architect
9 Confessions of a Former Geek Squad Geek
Medford Apartments for Rent
Don't Let Your CAPTCHA Get in the Way of Your Business
How Expired Domains Expose You
Google Grids its Loins to Fight Facebook
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Feature the Customers You Want to Have

If you're trying to attrack dog owners, your site should howl! 

When you've decided to cater to dog owners, make sure that your site howls!

The best way to grab the attention of the ideal visitor to your web site is to put a picture their family on your web pages. If you're looking for dog lovers, show puppies playing in poppies!

People have an easier time imaging themselves doing business with you when they see someone who looks like them already working with you.

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The End of the .com Era
The end of the .com com Have you heard about the end of the .com era?

Well, maybe .com web sites are going to be around for a while longer, but last week the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), approved a plan that will allow anyone (with enough money) to have a customized domain name.

Until now there have been only 22 Top Level Domains TLD), like .org, .com, .biz, and each country has had its own TLD, like .uk and .us. 

Soon, we may be seeing .cpas and other business types or even corporate names.

9 More Things You Need to Know About the New Top Level Domains

Do It Yourself  Web Design by a Professional Architect

San Francisco architect's DIY web design 

One of my clients has done an incredible job designing his own web site. The photographs change when you roll the cursor over them and the information is presented in a beautiful way.

San Francisco architect Andrew Morrall asked me to consult with him about some search engine optimization and technical issues.  And, then he spent hours creating exactly the look he wanted.

Click around Andrew's gorgeous pages. And be sure to call him when you need a San Francisco architect!
9 Confessions of a Former Geek Squad Geek
Geek Squad vehicles A lot of friends think that because I work with computers, I can help them with any computer problem they have.  I frequently get asked about repairing hard drives, cleaning viruses from PCs, and a lot of questions that I'm not qualified to answer.

I understand the problem.  There are few reliable people around who can fix problems. (I do know a few good PC/small business computer technicians in San Francisco, though.)

Here's a cautionary tale from The Consumerist about a national chain that apparently would rather sell you services than deliver them. 

Medford Apartments for Rent
Medford Apartments For Rent Renting apartments is very competitive in this economy, especially in areas with higher unemployment.

We created a small site to help out responsible landlords who have two private apartment complexes.

The Medford Apartments for rent pages introduce visitors to Sunburst Court and The Bennett Arms.

The pages are tuned to attract Google searchers... now we're gathering in-bound links and social media mentions to help renters find their new home.

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Don't Let Your CAPTCHA Get in the Way of Your Business
A disruptive CAPTCHA CAPTCHAs (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) are an increasingly common sight on web forms.  They're the jumble of letters and numbers which you're supposed to type into the form to prove that you're a human and not an automated spam program.

Spam is an annoyance, but the CAPTCHAs I've seen recently are worse:  they are so difficult to read that they are stopping business.

The three CAPTCHAs at right are full-size examples of a portion of what I was supposed to type in at one site.  In the first, it's "5W..."  Then is the next character a "6"? An "8"?
Here's How Expired Domains Expose You To Embarrassment (And Theft)
Typed in web address When you abandon a web site, scammers and straight-up crooks will likely buy up the domain name. 

At the very least the new owners will try to get the visitors who had been coming to your site to buy something from them.  Maybe they're selling breast enlargement devices or maybe it's porn. In any case, they're hoping that your former visitors will see something they like.

This sleaze might hurt your reputation, especially if your old visitors think that you're the one pushing the XXX videos.

But, if you've ever sent mail from your old site or used an email address on that site for any accounts, you are leaving yourself open to identify theft.

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Google Grids its Loins to Fight Facebook
Google+ Project Yesterday Google announced its newest social network product, Google+. 

Google is repeating the desire-building roll-out method it used successfully for Gmail. Right now, just like in the early days of Gmail, you have to have an invitation to try out Google+.

Of course, Buzz, Google's first attempt at social networking, was a dud. And, I personally wonder if we need (or have time for) another social networking system.

At least the Google/Facebook clash will be fun to watch.  And, there may be opportunities for businesses to get additional exposure on both sites as the titans compete for social media users.

More on Google + 

Sign-up to Get Your Google+ Invitation  

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