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July 31, 2011

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Just Because You Found it On the Internet, That Doesn't Mean It's Yours
How to Organize Your E-mail Inbox
How One Client Booked an Extra $50k in Business
Want More Clicks?
10 Reasons Why Search Engine Optimization Fails
What Is Google+ and Why I am Not Using It
Vacation Advice from Your Estate Planning Attorney
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Just Because You Found it On the Internet, That Doesn't Mean You Can Use It
Puppy and Poppy
One Solution is to Use Original Content Like This Puppy Poppy Picture

"I did a Google search and found it on the Internet" is a phrase uttered by clients that starts me shuddering.

We're all so used to finding what we want on the Internet and using for it our own purposes that we've forgotten that artists and writers own what they produce.

Why you cannot use whatever you find on the Internet and 5 things to do about it  


How to Organize Your E-mail Inbox
Email Inbox A full inbox can lead to missed business and missed chances to correct a problem. 

Unread emails are land mines ready to explode in both your personal and professional lives.

Read tips from a productivity expert on how to stay on top of your email inbox
How One Client Booked an Extra $50k in Business
Geoffrey Kulik, CPA Ozdachs is helping clients get business with video clips and press releases.  A recent example of an integrated campaign is this short clip for Sterck Kulik O'Neill accounting group.

We used a handheld Flip camera to record Geoff's client success story.  Then we edited it and:  

Contact us for more information  

Want More Clicks? Tease Your Readers!
Verticle Response Tells You 5 Ways to Tease

Don't you hate hearing the first sentence of interesting news only to be told that you will have to wait for two minutes of commercials before they'll give you the details?

I get annoyed being teased like that.  But, I wait. Teasing works.

Here's 5 ways you can tease and get more visitors  


10 Reasons Why Search Engine Optimization Fails
Woman Reading a Web Page SEO'ed Poorly Optimizing web pages to show up highly in Google results is a key task in getting more visitors to your web site.

Everyone and his brother tells you that they can tweak your pages so that you'll be #1 in Google.  In fact, proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a powerful weapon in your Internet Marketing arsenal.

But, if your SEO efforts are not done intelligently, you could lose visibility in Google and drive potential customers from your site.

Here are 10 things NOT to do  

What Is Google+ and Why I am Not Using It
Google+  Just a month ago Google launched its latest competition to Facebook, Google+.  Millions of users, including me, have signed up for this public trial. 

Google+ works a lot like Facebook, although Google has studiously changed each term so that the Facebook "News Feed" is Google+'s "Stream", "Friends" are members of your "Circles", and so on.

But after poking around Google+ for a few days, I don't visit it very often, and I don't post any original material.  Here's why:
  1. I don't need another online place to waste time.  Facebook is bad enough. Google+ has no compelling features that make me want to switch.
  2. Google+ is missing features for business and organizations. Google promises that they'll include their version of fan pages in the future, but right now my clients and other businesses have no way to participate in Google+.   
  3. Google's generic "Terms of Service" for all of their accounts includes their right to perpetually use whatever you post (words, pictures, etc.) to promote that product.  Using customer stuff might be okay for a business using AdWords, but before I share my vacation photos on Google+ I want to make sure that my great photography isn't going to appear in Google's ads for itself.  Ditto for any essays or comments I write.  (My blog post on this worry.)  
  4. Google has a history of deleting accounts without warning or recourse. This man's Google account was suspended after 7 years.  Last weekend Google was on the top of blogs for systematically deleting "a striking number of accounts" and providing no customer support.
    Basically, I am not ready to trust Google with things I write or create and may want to see again.
Google can solve my concerns over time.  More features and a policy change or two will be enough.  But, until then, I'll keep blogging on my own site and I'll spend time on Facebook who has already capitulated in the content ownership and privacy areas.
Vacation Advice from Your Estate Planning Attorney

Estate Planning Attorney newsletter featuring the Docks at Butchart Gardens 

Ozdachs client and Marin Estate Planning Attorney Julia P. Wald's July newsletter shares her advice for preparing for your summer vacation.  For example, she cautions people in same-sex marriages and domestic partnerships that their rights change at the California border.  She suggests they pack a copy of their Durable Power of Attorney for healthcare.

She also let me share some vacation pictures of my own.  Except for the photograph of Julia in Egypt, the remaining photos are from our 2011 cruise.

Get Julia's advice and my pictures  

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