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August  31, 2011

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Are Your Business' Happy Yelps Being Muzzled
Why You Should NOT Use WordPress or a Code Management System
25 Reasons Why Another Site Will link to Yours
How to Optimize Your Web Pages Like a Babbling Fool
29 Ways to Collect Email Addresses for Your Business
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Are Your Business' Happy Yelps Being Muzzled?
Yelp muzzles a lot of happy reviews I check Yelp and other online review sites almost every time I look for a service.  I want to know how happy the business has made its past clients.

Sure, I may throw out the high and low reviews. And, I read the comments to see if the reviewer is likely to have my tastes. Great marks for a restaurant's sushi isn't going to make me rush its doors, and a bar that plays music very
so softly you cannot hear the bass isn't going to annoy me.

I know that review sites, and Yelp in particular, have software that filters reviews to ensure that they are written by real customers and not automated bots, competitors, or family members of the owners.

But, I was surprised by how many reviews Yelp muzzled for one business that called me.  Only 7 reviews were showing up and counting toward the 1.5 star Yelp rating. Another 22 reviews -- averaging 4.22 stars -- were "filtered".
Why You Should NOT Use WordPress or a Code Management System (CMS) 
WordPress logo Yesterday I had a very pleasant coffee conversation with staff for an excellent non-profit I've worked with.  They are looking to re-do their web site to make it more interactive.  They want to use WordPress to allow their staff and clients to add content.

Sigh. I wish them well, but I think they're expending energy and money without a likelihood of a good return on their investment.

Sure, I believe WordPress' claim that 22 out of 100 new active domains last year use WordPress software.  I use WordPress for Dangerous Common Sense. However, I remain unconvinced that right now, given the current templates and options available under WordPress or other CMS, that they are the best tool for most small businesses and organizations.

WordPress and CMS solve a problem most of my clients don't have:  making frequent changes to their web site. 

Even if modifying the site is relatively easy, most of my clients would do it so infrequently that they would have to relearn the procedures at each update. It'd still be easier for them to let me -- or another developer -- post the changes.

More on why I'm not yet advocating WordPress for your web site  

25 Reasons Why Another Site Will link to Yours and Why You Want them To
 When I optimize a web site to show up high in Google search results, most times within a week or two several of the business' pages will show up in Google results.  Sometimes as #1 or in the top 5.  It's exciting!

Incoming links are essential to show up high in Google search resultsBut even perfectly tuned pages hit a plateau.  They stop rising in Google's results, and, in fact, may lose position over time as Google senses that the page material is no longer fresh.

To improve in Google's results, these pages need other web sites to link to them.  Google thinks that if other sites point to your pages, you must have good information that other web surfers want. Google ranks these popular pages more highly than competing pages with similar content.

Getting additional sites to cite you as an authority is key to advancing in Google.  It can take time, and it's tricky.

Exploit these 25 Reasons and Get Other People to Point to Your Pages  

How to Optimize Your Web Pages Like a Babbling Fool!
Poorly written SEO Copy I recently ran across a web page that made no sense to me, the human reader and potential customer.

Google may have gotten me to click on the site, but there was no way I was going to buy anything from that business!

Search Engine Optimization rules can suggest that you change the text or layout of your web site.  But, really!  Don't forget that you're writing for human customers who are looking for information.


Here are the Top 10 Don'ts for Search Engine Optimization Copy Writing  

29 Ways to Collect Email Addresses for Your Business
Entice readers to your newsletter

You should be touching your current clients and potential future customers at least once a month. 

You want to be at the top of their mind when they're ready to buy what you sell.  You want to tell them when you've moved or have a special deal.

But, you don't want to spend hours preparing emails that only 10 people get.

Here's 29 ways to increase the size of your subscription list.

Smart ways to get more readers for your newsletter  

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