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September 30, 2011

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Ban These 2 Words to Create Successful Events
11 Spam Words to Avoid in Your Subject Line
Yahoo! Censors Email about the Wall Street Protest
5 Tips for Writing an Effective Slogan
If Your Password is One of These, You're an Easy Target
Find Out What Your CPA Really Thinks
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Ban These 2 Words to Create Successful Events
Man gagged If you're trying to get customers or members of your organization to show up to your events, I know two words you must remove from your vocabulary.

I've edited my church's weekly newsletter, The Flame, since June 14, 2004. Through trial and error -- and some professional education -- I've learned how to fill the folding chairs and make the line of marchers longer.  This rundown on words you should never use is the first of a series of articles passing along what I've discovered and tested in real life.

11 Spam Words to Avoid in Your Subject Line
Deleting When your email's subject line is bad, people aren't going to read the latest news from your business or group.
  • Even your friends will trash without opening an email with a boring subject line
  • Even your mother won't open an email that sounds like spam.  She may love you, but her email service will block the message from getting to her inbox.
So, make sure that at least Mom reads your message. 

Yahoo! Censors Email about the Wall Street Protest
Yahoo Censorship Messge Speaking of banning words...

On September 20 Think Progress reported that Yahoo!'s email service blocked emails that included references to the ongoing protest on Wall Street.  When you included specific terms in a message you wrote, Yahoo!'s email system said it would not send the message because it detected suspicious activity on your account.

When confronted with the censorship, Yahoo! said it was all a mistake and removed the restrictions.

Even if this incident resulted from an honest mistake, if you use a cloud-based, free email service like Yahoo!, Hotmail, or Gmail, you should consider the cost of "free".  You're handing over your right to get your messages out if your views or selection of words runs afoul of the email provider.

In some countries the government censors.  Here, you may be signing up for a corporate censor.

5 Tips for Writing an Effective Slogan
Company Slogan When you're responsible for Do It Yourself Marketing for your organization, one of your tasks is the creation of a slogan that is memorable, accurate, and unique.

That's a daunting task, even for ad agencies with experienced staff and the budget for focus groups, copyright checks, and legal departments. 

Don't worry. The basics are simple and you can out-do the "experts" when you know the business.

If Your Password is One of These, You're an Easy Target!
ZoneAlarm on password best and worse practics

Internet security company ZoneAlarm has studied how people get into trouble by making it easy for hackers to take over their accounts.

For example, 16% of computer users create a password that is a variant of a person's first name.  25% of the top 20 passwords are first names!

Here a poster with all 20 top passwords, best practices for password length and complexity, and useful suggestions on how to create a strong password.
Find Out What Your CPA Really Thinks
Our San Francisco CPA client launched a blog this month that does a number of things that will help the firm maintain its top rankings in search engines.  Read the just-started Accounting Educator: Interactive Edition and check how:
  • Each post contains a link back to the firm's main web site. To search engines, the blog adds credibility and popularity to the main site.     
  • The blog domain name includes keywords which will both attract visitors from search engines and make its on-topic outbound links more powerful. 

    The domain is  Not, .com, but a top-level domain that search engine industry publications say is treated with respect by Google.    
  • Each page of the blog contains a side bar which links to the home page of the firm's main web site.  That link uses the text "San Francisco CPA Website" which is a valuable phrase.  
  • The blog uses a hosting service different from the hosting service for the main web site.  This technique increases the likelihood that search engines will believe that the sites are independent and that links from the blog to the main web site are more credible.
San Francisco Accountants Blog
Header of the
Accounting Educator: Interactive Edition
Writing the blog should be fun, and the firm's accountants were excited when they were told that they could contribute their thoughts to the online posting.  But, even if the blog was just plain work, it'd be worth it.

Google will crawl what's posted, notice the links to the main web site, and raise the profile of the firm just a bit for each link.
Ozdachs Consulting is an independent San Francisco business focused on helping your organization with common sense websites, Internet solutions and marketing support.  Please contact us for a free, no-obligation discussion.

Galen Workman, owner
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