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October 31, 2011

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Skype Me!
What Makes Your Mail Spam?
Are You an Amazon Associate?
Submit to 3000+ Quality Directories
7 Secrets to Getting More from Google AdWords
A Smart Way to Capture the Attention of Stupid Criminals
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Skype Me!
Skype I already have two ways to call across the country without additional charges.  My land line and my cell phone both let me call anywhere in the United States without paying by the minute for long distance.

But, if I want video on my calls or if I make International calls I would have to pay a lot of money to AT&T or another traditional provider.

Skype offers free computer-to-computer video and voice calling around the world over the Internet.  First download Skype's free software that runs on your computer. Then you plug a web cam or microphone into your computer and you can chat with anyone with similar equipment anywhere.  For very little money, you can also use your computer to ring land lines in the United States and in most foreign countries.

Skype is not a new service. But, now web cams and faster Internet service make Skype more practical for more people. 

What Makes Your Mail Spam?
Spam Email Are your business newsletters not getting through to your potential clients?  Are your friends swearing that they never see the email you sent to them?

Maybe your communications are being intercepted and marked as spam.  Most email services read incoming messages and quarantine messages that they suspect are unsolicited commercial email.

Every mail service uses slightly different logic in determining if a message is scummy spam, but one widely-used software program is SpamAssasin.  Those guardians of the inbox have published their standard rating system so you can determine if your out-going message is likely to trip their filter.

They score different suspicious email traits (like the use of spammy keywords).  If the entire message exceeds a predetermined score, the massage is tagged and removed from normal delivery.

Check out SpamAssassin's rules and steer clear of suspicious words, phrases, and practices
Are You an Amazon Associate?
Web design and Internet Promotion by Ozdachs Last month reactivated its California associates.  The company had cut off all associates who lived in California earlier this year over a sales tax fight with the state.

I am an Amazon associate.  When you click through to the Amazon logo or product information I've posted on a web page, I earn a small percentage of the sale.

I appreciate the few dollars Amazon sends me every few months, even though I don't seriously promote Amazon.  But, if you have a high-volume site with lots of visitors, you can earn real money.

Amazon is especially good for non-profits who naturally make comments about books and other items Amazon sells.

Consider adding Amazon links to your website.  Here's more on my experience

Submit to 3000+ Quality Directories - Click Here!
A friend who's trying to boost her law practice has started to read all of the offers that are sent to every owner of every web site.  These are the get-rich-quick come-ons that you know are too good to be true but... maybe they'll help the practice get clients and make money!

Having your web site listed in quality directories is an important help in getting your pages on the top of search results. So when my friend saw this offer to submit her site to 3000+ directories she was ready to bite.

7 Secrets to Getting More from Google AdWords
Adwords tips Running ads in Google can get instant visitors, even before the search engines have had time to rank the pages you've published.

If you decide to manage your own ad campaign instead of having someone like Ozdachs do it for you, check out the tips Inc.Tech suggests.

A Smart Way to Capture the Attention of Stupid Criminals
Defense Attorney Tim PoriMarketing campaigns take advantage of all available media.  You don't just write a blog, write a web page, or distribute a press release.  You do them all!

San Francisco criminal defense attorney Tim Pori leveraged his blog post on California's marijuana law into press release on the subject, and each of those items found a way to point back to his main web site.  Not only will his site get an incoming link from the blog, but Google will see links to the site from online news outlets like SFGate who ran the press release.
Ozdachs Consulting is an independent San Francisco business focused on helping your organization with common sense websites, Internet solutions and marketing support.  Please contact us for a free, no-obligation discussion.

Galen Workman, owner
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