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December 31, 2011
The Top 1 Reason for Ending the 2011 Best of Lists
Maybe it's because I waited until New Year's Eve to write this newsletter.  Maybe it's because I simply prefer to plot the future rather than relive the past.

Whatever the reason, I am eager to start working on helping clients with new initiatives, new web content, new publicity experiments, and new ways of growing and doing business. I want to scheme about the future!

I am over looking backwards and re-hashing 2011. I am sated.  I need no more lists of:
  • The top 10 Movies
  • The top 12 social media mistakes
  • The top 5 political lies
  • The top 100 books
  • Or, as Time magazine modestly offered, The Top 10 of Everything 2011 

The top [number] of [whatever] is a fun diversion.  But, enough already!


We have a future to live in.  


Chinatown Children
From My San Francisco Street Scene Chinatown Gallery

In 2012 I will be writing more and taking more pictures.  The writing will be for clients, Dangerous Common Sense for web design and Internet marketing on my business blog, and to express my biases and wisdom on my personal blog.  The pictures will be for web sites, marketing materials, and simple artistic pleasure


I look forward to continuing to help clients with their web design, search engine optimization,  Internet marketing efforts, and demystifying the online world. 


Thank you to all my customers for letting me help you with Ozdachs Consulting's services.   


I enjoy working with you.  I like seeing your businesses and organizations get value from their Internet presence.  I have a great time learning and using technology, writing, editing, photographing, Photoshopping, planning and kibitzing with you.    


My best wishes for a healthy, successful, happy 2012.


-- Galen Workman 

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