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January 31, 2012

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The Worst Place to Keep Your Back-Up Files
Are Your Photographs Looking Tired?
Disrupt the Inbox
Simple Security for Your Cell Phone
Know the Truth About "Domain Name Search Registration"
Top 5 Ways to Kill Your Credibility on Linked-In
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The Worst Place to Keep Your Back-Up Files
A USB Drive friend told me she was so concerned about the safety of her business' back-ups that she keeps a copy of her clients' financial data in her purse on a USB thumb drive.

Oh, no!

Your purse, briefcase, and car glove box are terrible places to keep your back-up files!

Here's why and what you should do instead
Are Your Photographs Looking Tired?
Sequel Photographs of pets, children, and pretty women are cheap (but effective!) advertising tricks designed to draw people's attention.

If your website's photographs are looking tired (or they don't exist), contact us. 

We can take and edit semi-professional photographs which are perfect for most Internet purposes. We also can recommend professional photographers when a full-blown photo shoot is essential.

(This picture of Sequel was taken last week at the Golden Gate Kennel Club Dog Show.  It is part of a collection "Sequel's People" which will be posted on SmugMug in February.)
Disrupt the Inbox
Scott Basky of Fast Company
If you're looking for ways to improve productivity for yourself as well as those around you, look no further than your email. 

You're spending a lot of time writing and reading it.  You can get better results from your email time by following these tips from FastCompany.

Tune up your skills with this 1 minute 42 second video

Simple Security for Your Cell Phone
A security-locked cell phoneRemember the first cellular phones that felt like bricks and did nothing but make phone calls? You had to remember the numbers you wanted to dial until high-end models came out which could store 100 (or was it 10?) telephone numbers and names.

Your smart phone, on the other hand, dials itself when you touch a contact's name, accesses your email accounts and their attached sensitive documents, knows the names and addresses of all your friends and business acquaintances, and stores your apps which themselves often hold the keys to the privacy kingdom of bank account numbers, credit card numbers, Social Security number, and more.

You may shred all the mail in your trash to safeguard your identity.  But, you're at risk if you don't also guard what's on your phone.

Take these steps
Know the Truth About "Domain Name Search Registration"
I really dislike scammers who take advantage of people's ignorance of Internet terms to make money.  One email I received earlier this month was a spectacular example of sleaze:
Excerpt from a scammy email
The email set a deadline for the next day for me to respond this incredible offer:  I could buy "Domain Name Search Registration" for one year for only $75. Of course, the best offer was a lifetime of the service for a mere $499.

There is no industry-wide term or service "Domain Name Search Registration". The closest cognate is "Domain Name Registration" which costs $9.95 a year when I buy it from a reputable registrar.

Protect yourself!  Read the truth about Domain Name Search Engine Registration!
Top 5 Ways to Kill Your Credibility on Linked-In
Senior Executive on the web Linked-In is designed to help its users make contacts and advance in their professional life.

The site makes it easy for you to share your blogs and link to other postings you've made on social media.

Sometimes it seems like everyone I've ever worked with or for is updating their profiles on that site!

But if you use Linked-In the wrong way, you will show yourself as a fool that no one would want to hire or do business with.

Be careful of these pitfalls
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We wish you and your family a warm and friend-filled holiday season!

Galen Workman, owner
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