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March 10, 2014
Let me share the blindingly obvious design revelation I rediscovered this month.

Website Looks Change Every Year.  When you look at a web page, it can have great information, but it can also look like last year's model!

Before I redesigned a 2010 website to include extra functionality that the owner asked for, I hadn't realized how much Internet aesthetics change. Once I completed the update, I saw that the four-year-old site had a definite period-piece look and the new one simply looks "normal".

With the makeover, the site owner can blog and his pages display differently on smart phones, tablets, and desktop computers.  Visitors can click on tabs to see additional information on his services, and there are moving graphics, a large map, and other features that take advantage of new standards and technology.

Beyond the functional improvements, the site screams, "MADE IN 2014!"  

Take a glimpse at the home pages of the old and new (click on the pictures to go to the full site):

Brian Hawes 2010 site

New Website look
Get the Details!
I've written a blog post about remodeling the website and the steps the owner and I went through.

Finally, check out your own website.  Look at it as if you just found it in a Google search and have never visited it before.  

Do you like it? Does it adjust to the size of the screen you're using?  Does it feel like 2014? 

If your  think your site needs an update, get in touch!  We can help.

-- Galen Workman
Ozdachs Consulting
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