Web Design, Social Media, and Internet Marketing for Your Business

San Francisco Social Media, Web Design, and Internet Marketing Consultant Galen Workman

Social media, Internet marketing, and web design consultant Galen Workman,
owner of Ozdachs Consulting.

Cost-Effective Online Visibility

A successful Internet presence business requires strategy, focus, planning, content, and promotion.

Business website development requires more than laying out attractive pages with flash and style. Organizations can spend thousands of dollars on the latest buzz and not see increased revenue or client engagement.

High-priced technology is easily wasted if it fails to meet a marketing goal.

Your website is a tool for your organization.

Like any marketing or communication method your website must be cost effective. It must be focused on meeting your business needs.

Options for Your Site Development

  • Do it yourself?

    Explore we can help you register your domain, pick a hosting service, select authoring software, sending e-mail, setting up social media accounts, and identifying.

  • Use Professional Help?

    Ozdachs Consulting offers experienced, common-sense Internet consulting to companies and organizations who want to use technology, social media, and the web as a tool for their business.

Common Sense Actions for Your Online Success

We develop, deploy, and promote websites which meet business needs in a cost-effective manner. 

We work with you to determine what you want from your internet presence. We develop website content and format existing materials. If you are using the web to attract new clients, we optimize your site to attract visitors from search engines like Google. We can promote your website in a cost-effective manner.

We are happy to empower you to do as much — or as little — design and internet promotion work yourself as you want. Most of our clients want to focus on their business and let Ozdachs focus on the website and Internet, but we believe in letting you know what we do and how we work.

We have an easy-to-use link for picking your Internet domain name. We also share with you our hosting service recommendations.

We invite you to contact us to discuss what Ozdachs can do for your organization.

Services from Ozdachs Consulting

We approach site development from a business perspective and focus on the commercial reasonableness of technology.

We offer customized web design services ranging from site design, page creation, search engine optimization, and ongoing maintenance.

  • Website Design

  • Page Creation including the development of graphics and writing of text.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • On-going Maintenance

We also support clients with a full-range of common sense marketing actions.

  • Social media

  • Electronic newsletters

  • Blogging

  • Direct mail

  • Print advertisements

Please contact us with questions about our development philosophy or with requests for additional information.