Why Ozdachs Consulting is Better for Your Business

Internet Consultant Galen Workman at his office office with one of his assistants
Internet Consultant Galen Workman
at his home office with one of his assistants.

Ozdachs believes that the Internet is a valuable tool that should be used intelligently as part of a business’s arsenal of communications, marketing, and sales weapons.

Internet technology, web strategy, and website content should be as clear and compelling as your other business materials.

Ozdachs approaches website development from a business perspective. We believe that you start with strategy. Then you start designing your site, always using common sense to make sure your efforts are commercially reasonable.

Your website should be about your business, not about our design ability. We design attractive, simple, user-friendly sites. However, the site’s focus is always on your business needs.

We design your website from a marketing perspective.

What does this mean?

  • We know visitors are grabbed by pictures of cute pets, children, and pretty young men and women. We shamelessly use our dogs and attractive stock photos to get our clients sites visited.

  • We use appropriate technology.

    Galen’s computer systems background reinforces his understanding that just because you can do something with technology, that doesn’t mean you should.

    Your site should always be clear and easy for a visitor to navigate and understand. Moving graphics, videos, and pop-ups should be used strategically to help engage your client. Don’t splatter them all over your site to show off how with-it you are.

Ozdachs Consulting is a consulting business owned and operated by Galen Workman.

He has a proven ability to sell and deliver customized system integration solutions requiring the highest levels of reliability. He conceived, launched, and successfully grew two entrepreneurial businesses.

He brings his passion for intelligent business action to website design and development for small businesses and not-for-profit organizations.

Galen has thirty-five years experience in leading operations, customer service, and technical staff in high technology business. He was responsible for the performance of the western half of a national public safety system integration company.

What We Do That Other Consultants Don’t

We Maintain Websites!

We are happy to update and maintain your website. We maintain and update sites that we created. We maintain and update sites that other designers created.

We Update Websites

Ozdachs updated a site for a Marin Estate Planning Attorney to add search engine optimization and marketing techniques to an already published, excellent looking design. We edited a sculptor’s site to publicize her new contact phone number and current exhibition schedule.

While some web developers want only to create new sites and looks, Ozdachs also enjoys doing the small changes that make a well designed site an excellent tool for your business and its customers.

Websites need maintenance. They need periodic updating.

Maintenance includes changes to:

  • Special events and announcements
  • Opening hours
  • Staff
  • Product mixes
  • Updating a website includes changing the looks and style of all of the pages.

Website standards evolve and an excellent web presence starts looking as dated as a 1970’s polyester suit. Your perfectly wonderful web site suddenly makes you look like an old fogy.

  • Background music disappears
  • Unsolicited pop-up windows fall out of favor
  • Monitors get larger so websites get wider
  • Graphics grow larger as typical visitor Internet connection speed increases
  • Screen geometry becomes “responsive” so that your content looks great on big monitors, tablets, and smart phones.

Updating your website to the current fashion is smart business.

Full Selection of Services

You can select a la carte services or packages of design and promotion. We’ll be happy to answer your questions to help you get up on the Internet quickly and cost effectively!

We can help your business in these areas:

  • Website Strategy
    Do you want to attract new clients or service existing ones? Your site will look and act differently depending on its purpose. Ozdachs first works with you to clarify the purpose of your website.
  • Content Generation
    What do you want to say and show? Ozdachs will take your existing materials and move them to the web. We can help create new text and graphics. Let us help you give your customers and prospective customers worthwhile information from their visit to your website.
  • Site Creation
    Ozdachs organizes your content into attractive pages which inform visitors to your site.
  • Naming and Hosting Decisions
    Now you are ready to let the world see your website, what do you want to call it? What company do you trust to give your site a home?
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Site Promotion
    How are people going to find you on the web? Tuning your web pages to show up in Google results is critically important if your site is trying to attract new clients.
  • Maintenance

We Make You Comfortable

Ozdachs will work with you to maintain and update your website, or we will help you do it yourself. You tell us what level of support you’re comfortable with.

We maintain sites for our clients by providing hourly consulting services and by monthly retainer.

But, you don’t have to rely on Ozdachs or any web designer!

Our new sites are created with the industry-standard WordPress code management system. WordPress is an open source system that allows authorized users to update sites via a web browser from any location in the world!

We are happy to empower site owners to make changes themselves or we will do the maintenance work for them so that they can focus on their core business.

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How We Work

Ozdachs works with small businesses and organizations to make your website do what you want. We talk with you to understand your operation and to understand what you except from your Internet presence.

We provide consulting services and focus our time on tasks which get you up and serving your clients. Here’s an example of a typical workflow for a website.

  • Determine Website Goals

    Then design a site structure that serves the goals

  • Integrate existing business descriptions and graphics into web pages.

    We propagate your existing branding to your website.

  • Create New Content

    • Write original copy for pages
    • Take photographs
    • Design graphics
  • Establish Website

    • Set up domain name and web hosting
    • Publish!
  • Publicize Site

    • Monitor Website traffic
    • Report on activity
  • Provide Ongoing Maintenance

    Update pages to provide new content and to conform to search site changes