Sharing Your SiteHome on the World Wide Web

Once you have picked a domain name, you are ready to find a company that will "host" your site.

Web hosting services price themselves according to the features you want on your web, how much data you want to store on disk, and how many people are going to be visiting your site.

Site uptime and customer/technical service hours are important for small businesses.  However, most Ozdachs clients are indifferent regarding the host services' Operating System, server technology, or database support.  These matters can be important for more intensive internet operations, and Ozdachs can explore them with you, if required.

Luckily, for most of Ozdachs' customers, a low-end package provides plenty of functionality, storage space, and bandwidth for anticipated visito r activity.

Additional Features

With web hosting you should also get:

Cost Estimates

Reliable web hosting costs approximately $120-$230 annually, including domain-name registration, if paid for in advance.  These rates were available in late 2009.

Services in this price range are generally adequate for small organizations.  Add-ons for special commercial needs, of course, are virtually limitless both in variety and cost.

We invite you to call us.

Best Practices

Ozdachs currently uses over five web hosting services for its sites. 

We intentionally spread out our sites for Search Engine Optimization purposes. We also want to keep alternatives in case one service runs into problems.