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Ozdachs Consulting is a consulting business owned and operated by Galen Workman. 

Website design and Internet Promotion ConsultantGalen has thirty years experience in leading operations, customer service, and technical staff in high technology business.  He was responsible for the performance of the western half of a national public safety system integration company. 

He has a proven ability to sell and deliver customized system integration solutions requiring the highest levels of reliability. He conceived, launched, and successfully grew two entrepreneurial businesses.

He brings his passion for intelligent business action to website design and development for small businesses and not-for-profit organizations.


Ozdachs believes that the Internet is a valuable tool that should be used intelligently as part of a business's arsenal of communications, marketing, and sales weapons.

Internet technology, web strategy, and website content should be as clear and compelling as your other business materials.

Ozdachs approaches website development from a business perspective.  We believe that strategy and common sense have to lead the page design and publishing effort.

Your website should be about your business, not about our design ability. We design attractive, simple, user-friendly sites. However, the site's focus is always on your business needs.

Who We Help

Ozdachs has clients in four Western States.

We help businesses, home-run enterprises, and not-for-profit organizations.

Our work includes initial site design and publishing, search engine optimization, and on-going maintenance.

Please let us know how we can help you!

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We would appreciate the opportunity to talk with you about your web site, Internet marketing, and other business needs. No obligation!

Please phone us at 415.347.6479 or send us an email.

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