Website Promotion – Search Engine Optimization and More!

Woman Searching Google for your Site

If your website is meant to attract new customers, then once your website has been published on-line, you are ready to invite visitors to see your goods and services. Websites are visited by potential customers when the site address is found after a user either:

  • runs an inquiry on Google, Yahoo! or other search page

  • clicks on a link from another web page

  • knows the web address and types it into the browser

The main way to attract new customers is by having them find the site in a search. (If they type it your web address into their browser, they’re probably already familiar with your business!)

Ozdachs Consulting works with you to attract the attention of people who are looking for you but haven’t found your site… yet..

Search Engine Placement

Because the placement in search returns is so valuable in attracting business, an industry exists which produces software and services which can help your site come back near the top of search site returns. Called “Search Engine Optimization,” this business applies marketing common sense to make sure that your web pages are effective in communicating your message.

Ozdachs uses several techniques and third-party tools to make your site visible to potential customers.

  • We select keywords that are most popular with searches and have the least number of competitive sites.

  • We design your pages to emphasize the keywords according to the reverse-engineered rules of search sites.

  • We make sure your site is easily mapped and understood by search engines.

What Else Can We Do to Get You More Web Traffic?

Ozdachs Consulting increases your exposure and search engine ranking by:

  • Working with you to increase the number of incoming links to your page. A greater number of quality incoming links will move you to the top of the listings of Google and other search engines. These links also give potential customers more places to find you.

  • Creating engaging social media posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other sites along with topical blost posts. These online campaigns will contain frequent references back to relevant pages of your main site to boost its popularity and importance in the eyes of Google and other search companies.

  • Developing welcoming pages which target specific audiences and then link to your site’s main content.

  • Creating ads on search sites which show up on the screen whenever users look for the specific keywords you select. Costs vary depending upon the selection of keywords and number of times potential clients enter the keywords in a search. You may limit your exposure to as a few dollars a day. The major search service selling ads is Google… most other places display ads syndicated from Google.

  • Activating additional websites to promote your product and services. These sites can focus on specific niches. In addition, they can cross link with your main site, increasing the perceived link popularity of each site.

Look at All Your Options

Promoting a website requires the same common sense and innovativeness needed in all business development campaigns. Ozdachs looks forward to talking with you about how to get your website known.

Simple techniques, such as putting your site address on your business stationery, are too often overlooked in the excitement of the internet.

We help you use both new and old publicity techniques!

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